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01/09/2022No Ordinary Name
01/16/2022He Has Made Him Known
01/30/2022I Am Not the One
02/06/2022Come and You Will See
02/13/2022They Have No Wine
02/20/2022Jesus Cleanses the Temple
02/27/2022God's Perfect Knowledge
03/06/2022Belief and Eternal Life
03/13/2022Identity vs. Role Confusion
03/20/2022You Worship What You DO Not Know
04/24/2022Lift Up Your Eyes
05/01/2022Unless You See Signs and Wonders
05/08/2022Darkness at Midday
05/15/2022That All May Honor the Son
05/22/2022Without Excuse
05/29/2022Jesus Christ Our Great Provider
06/05/2022It is I, Do Not Be Afraid
06/12/2022The Bread of Life That Satisfies
06/19/2022This is a Hard Saying
07/31/20227 Perspectives About Jesus
08/07/2022Conformed to the Image of Christ?
08/14/2022Can This Be The Christ?
08/21/2022Putting Jesus to the Test
08/28/2022The Light of the World
09/04/2022The Providential Purposes of God
09/11/2022The Truth Will Set You Free
09/18/2022Unholy Ancestry
09/25/2022A Stone of Stumbline
01/15/2023Blind for the Glory of God
01/22/2023The Tragedy of Unbelief
01/29/2023Three Perspectives About Jesus
02/05/2023The Good Shepherd
02/12/2023The Good Shepherd and His Substitutionary Work
02/19/2023Gloomy Rejection and Glorious Security
02/26/2023An Appeal to Believe
03/05/2023Seeing Things the Way Jesus Does
03/12/2023Jesus is Alive
03/19/2023The Weeping Messiah
03/26/2023Dead Man Walking
04/02/2023What are we to do with Jesus?
04/09/2023The Worth of the Savior
05/28/2023We Wish to See Jesus
06/04/2023The Effects of the Cross
06/11/2023When God Judges a Nation
06/18/2023A Final Appeal
06/25/2023The Deep Love of Our Humble Lord
07/02/2023And it was Night
07/09/2023A New Commandment
07/23/2023Truth for Troubled Hearts
07/30/2023The Only Way to Heaven
08/06/2023Show Us the Father
08/13/2023Gospel Promises
08/20/2023Gospel Promises (Part 2)
08/27/2023The True Vine and the Abiding Life
09/03/2023Branchology 101
09/10/2023Hatred for the Vine
09/17/2023The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
09/24/2023A Joy That Cannot Be Stolen
10/01/2023Anchors for the Soul
01/07/2024The Privileges We Have in Christ
01/14/2024The Prayers that Christ Prays for His Own
01/21/2024The Light Shines in the Darkness
01/28/2024The Accidental Prophet?
02/04/2024The Self-Reliant Disciple
02/11/2024The Man Who Mocked Majesty
02/18/2024The King in Place of the Criminal
12/03/2023The King of Grace is Here
12/10/2023His Divine Genealogy
12/17/2023The Eternal God Who Came Down
12/24/2023Three Responses to Christmas
10/08/2023Why Should We Pray?
10/15/2023Prayer is Dependency
10/22/2023Strength to Comprehend
10/29/2023Pray for Faith
11/05/2023Pray for Souls
11/19/2023Unceasing Prayer and Unmatched Power
11/26/2023Rooted and Grounded in Love
04/16/2023The God Who Instructs Us
04/23/2023The God Who Forgives Us
04/30/2023The God Who Knows Us
05/07/2023The Faithful Shepherd
05/14/2023The God Who Hears Us
05/21/2023The God Who is Worthy
10/23/2022How Did We Get Here?
10/30/2022The Image of God Under Assault
11/06/2022Biblical Marriage: The Foundation of Society
11/13/2022A Biblical Theology on Race and The Gospel
11/20/2022The Christian and the Government
11/27/2022Not Ashamed of the Gospel
10/02/2022God Pleasing Prayer
10/09/2022The Priority of Prayer
10/16/2022Surrending Every Need to His Faithfulness
11/24/2019Jesus is King
12/01/2019The Shepherd of Israel
12/08/2019Out of Egypt I Called My Son
12/15/2019Make Way for the Nazarene
12/22/2019Worship the King Who Rides on a Colt
06/02/2019Grace Upon Grace
06/09/2019How Can These Things Be?
06/23/2019Come See a Man
06/30/2019A False Gospel
07/07/2019Extravagant Worship is a Lifestyle
07/14/2019Abiding and Bearing Fruit
03/31/2019The Battle is the Lord's
04/07/2019The Belt of Truth
04/14/2019The Breastplate of Righteousness
04/28/2019The Gospel of Peace
05/05/2019The Shield of Faith and the Helmet of Salvation
05/19/2019The Sword of the Spirit
05/26/2019All Prayer, All the Time
02/24/2019Created to Work
03/03/2019Working Hard or Hardly Working?
03/24/2019Hard Work Pays Off
01/13/2019Did God Actually Say?
01/20/2019A Wife’s Calling
01/27/2019A Husband’s Calling
02/03/2019Stuck Like Glue
02/10/2019A Parent's Calling
02/17/2019Answer the Door
12/02/2018Zechariah and John the Baptist
12/09/2018Attributes of a Useful Vessel
12/16/2018Shepherds. Why Them?
12/23/2018Three Responses to Christmas
10/14/2018What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit?
10/21/2018Deade to the Old Man
10/28/2018Spirit Filled Speech
11/11/2018Cancel the Debt
11/18/2018Let No One Deceive You
11/25/2018Spirit Filled Time
08/26/2018The Worthy Walk
09/02/2018Unity of Spirit
09/09/2018Equipped to Work
09/16/2018Mature Manhood
09/23/2018No Longer Children
09/30/2018Joined in Truth and Equipped with Love
06/24/2018Adoption as Sons
07/01/2018Redemption and Forgiveness
07/08/2018Our Incorruptible Inheritance
07/15/2018The Greatness of His Power
07/22/2018The Riches of His Grace
07/29/2018United in Christ
08/05/2018Citizens of the Kingdom
08/12/2018The Mystery of Christ
08/19/2018Strength to Comprehend
05/27/2018Perfect Peace Part 1
06/03/2018Peace in the Face of Fear and Chaos
06/10/2018Having Peace in the Middle of Financial Struggle and Lack
03/11/2018What is the Church
03/18/2018The Power of God's Word
03/25/2018Growing Spiritually
04/08/2018A Heart of Worship
04/15/2018Missions and Evangelism
04/29/2018Leaving a Godly Legacy
05/06/2018A House of Prayer
05/20/2018A Generous Heart