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LifeGroups are designed for community and spiritual growth. The smaller, more intimate setting helps foster connection with others in the congregation and development of life-long friendships. Through monthly meetings of study and fellowship, LifeGroups help you grow toward maturity in your Christian walk.

Join us each month as we dive into God’s Word as Gospel-centered communities.

At each gathering, we’ll take a closer look at Sunday’s messages on our journey through the Scriptures.

Now is always a great time to join a group!


Living Word LifeGroups are small, home-based Bible studies that meet monthly. At these small groups, you share fellowship and study God’s Word.

LifeGroups help build relationships and your spiritual gifts and allow you to receive ministry, care and support.

Fill out the contact form above and submit your information. We will give you a call or email about finding the right group for you. 

Each LifeGroup meets on a monthly basis, but different groups meet on different nights. Once you sign up for a LifeGroup, your leader will call you with the time, date and address of the next meeting.

Everyone! LifeGroups are for everyone … whether you’re married or single or in your 20s or 70s. Different groups are filled with different types of people. Try out a group and see where you fit.

LifeGroup Leaders

We currently have 7 LifeGroups across the Houma/Thibodaux region. Check out the list below to find the right LifeGroup for you.

We are grateful that our leaders open their homes to the congregation and lead them spiritually.

Location: Gray
Group Description: Open to All
Meeting Time: 1st Friday, 7:00pm
Phone: 985-226-3992 (Leverence)
Phone: 985-226-3993 (Katie)
Email: (Katie)
Email: (Leverence)

Location: West Houma
Group Description: Open to All
Meeting Time: 3rd Friday
Phone: 504-512-0356 (Randolph)

Location: West Houma
Group Description: Open to All
Meeting Time: 4th Saturday, 5pm
Phone: 225-978-8888 (Bryan)
Phone: 985-859-1398 (Amy)

Location: Bayou Blue
Group Description: Open to All
Meeting Time: 1st Tuesday, 6:30pm
Phone: 985-637-3150

Specific Groups

Location: Houma (Westside)
Group Description: Adult Ladies
Meeting Time: First Saturday 5 pm
Phone: 985-856-6036

Location: Downtown Houma
Group Description: Young Adults
Meeting Time: Fridays
Phone: 985-209-6326 (Meco)
Phone: 985-856-2267 (Pat)
Email: (Meco)
Email: (Pat)

Location: West Houma
Group Description: Married couples
Meeting Time: 1st Friday, 7:00pm
Phone: 985-791-4325 (Shane)
Email: (Shane)

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