Living Word Church


Carlos & Reina Valladares


Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the new missionaries that will arrive in Albania, Margarita Ascencio and the Cruz Family. Pray that they may have safe travels and an easy transition into the legal documents and residency process once in Albania.
  • Pray for Kelly as she begins her university studies, that God may provide for all that is needed and that the Holy Spirit may guide her as she begins this new process in life.
  • Pray for Sofia as she finishes her school year in the next weeks, that God may give her wisdom to finish her exams and schoolwork successfully.
  • Pray for the necessary administrative and financial adjustments for our soon return to the field.
  • Pray for a new anointing of the Spirit as we finish our itinerary in El Salvador and that God may continue moving in the congregations in Albania.