Living Word Church


Women’s Restoration

Thibodaux, Louisiana

Albert & Loretta Pierron director

Women’s Restoration gives women an opportunity to learn how to live a productive and drug-free life. Our initial regeneration program requires a twelve-month commitment. Here is our program overview:

Phase 1: Induction/Orientation – She begins developing her relationship with the Lord, learning Biblical principles to live by as well as building and maintaining healthy relationships.

Phase 2: Regeneration – In this phase she acknowledges choices made in her addiction.

Phase 3: Inner Healing – Learning that forgiveness is the key to spiritual maturity. Here she faces her past and allows the Lord to heal her pain. She also learns to forgive the wrongs done to her.

Phase 4: Discipleship – Turning the focus from her addiction to who she now is in Christ. She learns to use the tools taught through the program and the truth God has spoken to her, therefore instructing her to apply that truth to her newly changed life.