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Pray without Ceasing…

…that’s the goal!

Seems lofty, I know. Seems like something only a select few can really achieve. BUT. That’s the heart of our ladies’ prayer group For His Glory. To be women who pray. To be women who pray the word. To be women who pray like Jesus.

For His Glory started in March of 2022, and it started with clear direction from the Lord to Nelly Plaisance. Out of obedience, and after much time spent working out the details with the Lord, Nelly sent an open invitation to the women of our church to join her in prayer.

We’d decided to meet on Wednesdays at church from 9:00-11:00 in the morning.

“Pray for two hours?!” That was the initial response. (And still is actually.)

No, we don’t pray for two hours. We do, however, pray. That, after all, is the goal.

Our time together began by reading through The Battle Plan for Prayer: From Basic Training to Targeted Strategies. We committed to read a chapter a week and then discuss what we’d learned. And each week Nelly prepared prayer points for us, which allowed us to implement and practice principles from the book.

Our understanding OF prayer grew as did our desire TO pray.

Nelly then invited us to read Praying the Bible by Donald S. Whitney. We accepted, eager to continue as a group growing in friendship and knowledge. While the book is slim, it is packed with encouragement and instruction, pointing the reader to the Psalms as a model of expression and truth.

Whitney’s book relies on scripture as a tried and true method of praying, using God’s own words to talk with Him. This was a game changer! I don’t think any of us expected this added bonus—learn God’s word while learning to pray. It was here that we decided to remain in the Psalms.

To say we wanted more out of our time together in the word is an understatement. Our two hours were flying by. Reading, discussing, questioning, laughing, crying, celebrating, and praying—the Lord indeed blessed our time. He even increased our reach, giving us new members to love on and grow with.

Now we are praying our way through the Psalms with the help of Christ-Centered Exposition: Exalting Christ in Psalms. What a journey we are on!! Each week we focus on a Psalm, reading it, studying it, and praying it. And each week the Lord reveals something new to us through His word—His character, a truth, correction, encouragement, and instruction. He is drawing near to us as we draw near to Him.

So if you’re looking to enrich your prayer life, informed and influenced by the word, FOR HIS GLORY has a place for you. We are a group of women of all ages and stages of life, whose hearts are much like the disciple who said, “Lord, teach us to pray.”