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Happy New Year and welcome!

Each year we choose two books to read as a community of women. We encourage you to join a group, lead a group, or invite a friend to read along. Our goal is to fill our minds with content that matters, point us to Christ, engage us in meaningful conversation, and develop friendships.

Our first book this year is Jesus & Women in the First Century and Now by Kristi McLelland. In this study, Kristi transports women back to Jesus’ world, following in the footsteps of the women who came face-to-face with the Living God. Over 7 sessions, we will examine the historical and cultural climate of first-century Middle Eastern society to not only understand Jesus more deeply but to fuel our worship of Him today.

We invite you to join us in this reading adventure if you want to

  • explore how Jesus generously restores dignity and honor to women in the first century and now
  • gain deeper insight into the biblical world, including fresh perspective on familiar Bible stories
  • discover the Bible through the lens of Middle Eastern culture
  • connect with like-minded women

Want to lead a group? Great! I’m here to help. The book comes with video access, suggestions on how to facilitate discussions with your group, and other helpful resources. By leading I really mean hosting or organizing–no need to be a scholar or expert (wink wink). And you can meet with friends in your home or at a coffee shop. Once you create an account at LifeWay, you can watch the videos from your computer or mobile device. It’s pretty simple. You can do it. I believe in you!

So maybe leading is not your jam. But you’re looking to connect with other book worms. I can help with that too! Visit the book table at church the next few Sundays, and there’s sure to be a group that meets your needs. We try to have weekday groups, weekend groups, morning groups, and evening groups. And with your book comes video access, so you can watch on your own if life pulls you away from your group a time or two.

If a group setting is not what you’re looking for right now, let me suggest inviting a friend or neighbor to read along with you. This a great way to sharpen a friendship, mentor a new believer, or get to know someone better.

So when do we start? As soon as you get your book (and a group or a buddy). More details will be available at church, on our Facebook page, and Instagram.

Happy reading!

Oh, before I forget…yes, you can enjoy a book all by yourself.